Winter Weather Event Management


When the weather outside is frightful, Campus Facilities – Landscape Services is ready to clear vehicle and pedestrian routes on campus.

Clearing the campus

Management of winter-weather events is dynamic and subject to "change with the weather." As conditions warrant, we will have the primary vehicle and pedestrian travel routes through campus ready by 7 a.m. Secondary routes will be cleared as soon as possible after the primary routes are cleared. "Cleared" means the route has been plowed and treated with ice-melt.

Snow-removal priorities

All areas of campus are important and will be cleared as quickly as possible, but some areas have a higher priority than others. After a winter weather event, CF – LS will coordinate snow and ice removal from campus areas in this order:

  1. University Hospital & Clinics drives and roadways, including:

    • Emergency Room entries and driveways

    • Helipad and access walks

    • Dean's Drive and Loading Dock Drive

  2. Emergency Services:

    • Fire Station

    • MUPD

    • Power Plant

  3. University-owned streets

  4. Drive lanes in campus parking lots and parking structures

  5. Accessible parking areas and shuttle-bus shelters

  6. Campus sidewalks

    • Primary sidewalks

    • Secondary sidewalks (once primary sidewalks are clear)

  7. Campus building entrances, steps and ramps

  8. Critical service buildings:

    • MU Research Reactor

    • Veterinary Hospital

  9. Delivery and unloading zones

  10. Auxiliary areas of campus

  11. Parking spaces in parking lots and top decks of parking structures

The MU Recreation Trail will not be cleared after a winter-weather event.

Snow-routes map

Primary MU campus vehicle and pedestrian routes cleared by CF – LS are shown on the Priority Campus Snow Removal Routes Map. Please note that some streets on the MU campus are the responsibility of the City of Columbia's Public Works Department and some are the responsibility of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Campuswide response

CF – LS coordinates the MU campus weather event response. Other campus departments responsible for responding to weather events include:

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