Vacated Space Policy


This policy is to serve as a guideline for the allocation of space that is vacated by the tenants occupying a new building or school/college, department, unit or program that will be re-organized or dissolved.

Policy: Vacated Space

  • When a School/College, Department, Unit or Program relocates to newly acquired or constructed facilities, the vacated space will revert to Campus Administration and the Capital Review Committee (CRC) will re-assign.
  • If the space vacated is located in non-university leased space or occupied under an agreement, the renewal and continuance of the lease or agreement must be approved by CRC before any occupancy or new negotiations take place.
  • Re-Organized School/College, Departments, Units or Programs If a School/College, Department, Unit or Program is reorganized or dissolved that results in the elimination of the program and/or faculty and staff, the space vacated will revert to the Campus Administration and CRC will re-assign.
  • If a School, College, Department, Unit or Program reorganizes, but does not eliminate the program and/or faculty and staff, it is not considered vacated space and will not revert to the CRC for reassignment.

Process for Requesting Assignment of Campus Controlled Space

Any Vice Chancellor and/or Dean requiring additional space may submit a request for assistance in locating additional space through the following process.

  1. Submit the Space Request Forms in writing to the Advisory Committee on Space. (This is sub committee of CRC that receives space requests and makes recommendations to CRC regarding the requests). All Space Request Forms must be filed out completely to be considered; this includes all appropriate signatures as well as fiscal and program qualifications. CRC will then act on the space request, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Space.

  2. The completed and signed Space Request Forms should be sent to Space Planning and Management, 180 General Services Building, 882-4506. The Space Request Forms can be found on Space Planning and Management web page at Note: Prior to submitting a request for space in writing to the Advisory Committee on Space, a Vice Chancellor or Dean should first determine whether internal re-allocation can occur to resolve a space need. If it has been determined by the Vice Chancellor or Dean that they are fully utilizing their existing space, then a request for additional space could be made.