Request a Project

New build structures, renovations, repairs and replacements of facilities on the MU campus are done through Planning, Design & Construction.

Project Request Form (PRF) is submitted for new facilities or additions, changes or improvements to existing physical facilities, including any alterations, modifications, extensions or connections to the interior or exterior of an existing building, the department shall initiate the project by completing a Project Request Form, including identifying funding and securing the signature of the appropriate administrator reporting to the Chancellor. Completed Project Request Forms should be forwarded to Campus Facilities-Planning, Design & Construction, 111 General Services Building, per Business Policy and Procedure, Chapter 12, Section: 12:070.

is online or can be received by calling 882-6800.

Internal Order Form (IOF) Internal Order Form (IOF) is submitted for requests such as minor facility alterations or improvements, including interior finishes  (flooring & painting), wayfinding and signage/graphics, furniture systems design and purchasing, or space planning. An IOF is not appropriate for requests that will require modifications to a facility’s built components such as removing or adding doors, walls, ceiling, modifying power, lighting, or mechanical components. 

Send an IOF to Campus Construction or call 882-6800," per Business Policy and Procedure, Chapter 12, Section: 12:070.

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