Multiple Office Guideline

This document is to serve as a guideline for Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, etc., when having to evaluate or refute the request for more than one office. Below is the guideline.

  1. The following is a guideline for Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, etc., to use to deny requests for a second office assignment on campus.

    The campus guideline for those individuals who request more than one office on campus is that only one office shall be provided per individual on campus. It is assumed that a faculty member's primary office is provided within his/her home department, and that every tenure track faculty member is entitled to an office.

    Also, this guideline acknowledges those faculty members who have full-time administrative appointments outside of their home department. It is assumed that their academic home departmental office can be used for other space purposes, but will be made available to the departing administrator once their administrative appointment ends.

  2. The following is a guideline that provides a frame work for those employees for whom more than one office assignment would be acceptable.

    If there is a programmatic need for a faculty member to spend at least 50% of his/her paid time at an off-campus owned or leased site, this would qualify the individual for a second office at the off-campus site. An off-campus site is being defined as any building/space that is not physically connected to the main MU campus.

    Examples of some off-campus sites are as follows:

    Lemone Industrial Boulevard, Green Meadows, Ellis Fischel, Farm and Centers etc.

  3. Future requests to the campus for space will require the evaluation/analysis of the utilization of the requestor's existing space, including compliance with this guideline.