Facility Operations

Facility Operations is responsible for cleaning, repairing and maintaining MU's Educational & General buildings, and providing mail services to MU and the Univerity of Missouri System. It also oversees the distribution and tracking of MU's building keys and electronic access cards, and creates nameplates, logos and custom-designed signs on a recharge basis. To find the custodial service manager and maintenance zone manager for your building, use the drop-down menu on the Contact Us page.


Oct. 20, 2020

MU offers incentive pay for frontline custodians

As an incentive for frontline custodial employees, the University of Missouri has approved a retention incentive pay program to reward those custodial employees who have remained loyal to Mizzou and a hiring incentive for new custodians. This program is intended to help maintain appropriate custodial staffing in a tight labor market.

This retention incentive pay will be paid to frontline custodial staff in two installments (Nov. 10 and Jan. 6) as follows:

$1,000:  Two installments of $500 each for custodians hired before May 1, 2020.

$750:     Two installments of $375 each for custodians hired May 1-Sept. 7, 2020.

$500:     Two installments of $250 each for custodians hired Sept. 8, 2020 or thereafter.

Part-time/temporary employees will be paid a pro-rated retention incentive pay based on their FTE, using the same dates outlined above.

Custodians receiving retention incentive pay are required to work through May 31, 2021. If an employee resigns or is terminated prior to May 31, they will be subject to returning a pro-rated amount for the percentage of work time uncompleted through May 31. If an employee chooses to retire before May 31, they will not be required to return the retention incentive pay.