Consultant Marketing Visit (CMV)

Consulting firms interested in providing services to the University of Missouri may participate in a Consulting Marketing Visit (CMV). CMVs are designed to allow consulting firms the opportunity to share their area of expertise with the Project Management team at the University of Missouri. The University regularly contracts with consultants in all planning, design and engineering disciplines to provide services required in support of the campus infrastructure of physical facilities – education/classroom/laboratories, research, housing, food/dining, student life, auditorium/theatre, recreation, athletics, administrative/support, health care, power plant, steam and utility distribution.

CMVs are 30 minutes in length and scheduled twice a month through the Planning & Design office. Consultants will meet with no fewer than two representatives from the University. To schedule a visit, contact Planning & Design at 573-882-6800 or complete the CMV Form and email it to

CMVs may be postponed or cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. Consultants are selected based on experience with similar projects and professional qualifications and must be licensed to practice within the State of Missouri. Visits are generally limited to firms within Missouri or firms that are within the metropolitan areas of Missouri’s major cities. Minority and Women owned firms are encouraged to apply.