About The Building and Infrastructure Archives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Building and Infrastructure Archives is to serve as a resource center of archival information relating to the construction, renovation history, and existing conditions of all buildings and sites owned by the University of Missouri and the UM system for both practical and historical purposes. The Building and Infrastructure Archives seeks to serve a diverse clientele which includes architects, engineers, maintenance personnel, historians, and students.

Collection Policy

The Archives organizes, preserves, digitizes, and provides access to these records of functional and historical value which include the following:

  • Architectural, engineering, and landscaping drawings
  • Maps
  • Project manuals and/or building specifications
  • Studies and reports
  • Schematic designs
  • Construction project submittals
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Installed equipment warranties and information
  • Photographs
  • Architectural or artistic renderings

Building records not retained by the Building and Infrastructure Archives include the following:

  • Records of razed buildings or sites with only historical value are transferred to University Archives, which is the depository for the official records of the campus.
  • Contract documents and financial records of transactions related to building, landscape, and infrastructure construction projects are generally maintained by the Campus Facilities department of origin before being transferred to the Records Center or University Archives.


  • Access to drawings, maps, project manuals, studies, and submittal data
  • Assistance with research in our collection

For questions regarding the collection, how to obtain records, or the Web site, contact:umccfpdcarchives@missouri.edu.