Classroom Utilization Policy

This policy is to address the utilization of instructional facilities at MU, including the parameters by which these instructional facilities will be included in the general classroom pool and/or renovated/maintained by the campus utilizing general operating funds.

Definition: Instructional facilities are defined as seminar, classrooms, lecture rooms, auditoria and teaching labs as designated in the campus’ Archibus space inventory system.

  1. The instructional facilities at MU should meet a criterion level of classroom utilization and station occupancy to deem the instructional facility as efficiently utilized. If the classroom and class lab criteria and utilization standards in this policy are not minimally met, then the University Registrar has the right to relocate the courses to another appropriate location and time on campus. The following are the classroom utilization standards that are used for assessing acceptable classroom and class lab utilization at MU.

    Seminar, Classrooms, Lecture Rooms and Auditoria

    Minimum hourly use – 30 hours per week
    *Station Utilization percentage – 70%
    *This denotes that per course section at least 70% or greater of the seats within a seminar, classroom, lecture room and auditoria must be filled on average at any given time.

    The above standards are based on nationally accepted norms.

    Class and Computer Laboratories

    Minimum hourly use – 20 hours per week
    *Station utilization percentage – 80%
    *This means that per course section, at least 80% or greater of the student laboratory stations within a class laboratory must be filled on average at any given time.

    The above standards are based on nationally accepted norms.

    It should be noted that for those computer labs that are utilized for scheduled instruction that the same standards above apply.

  2. If a classroom is not in the general classroom pool then no campus funds will be expended for renovation, equipment, furniture and/or maintenance. The College, School and/or Department will bear these costs directly unless they are willing to transfer the classroom into the general classroom pool.

    A list of current general pooled classrooms can be found on the web at the following location:

  3. A College, School and/or Department may voluntarily turn over to the general classroom pool an instructional facility. A memo should be sent to the Director for Space Planning and Management and copying the University Registrar indicating the request for transfer.
  4. Any School, College, department, etc., that requires technology to be installed in the Centrally Scheduled classrooms., should contact the Division of IT for further information.