Motorcycles on Campus

Motorcycles are welcome at MU. As with all vehicles parking on campus, motorcycles must be registered with MU Parking & Transportation Services and have a virtual permission associated with the license plate.The same traffic laws apply to motorcycles as to any other motorized vehicle.

Student Motorcycles

Students who purchase a virtual permission for their car/truck may park their motorcycle on campus in designated motorcycle parking spaces ONLY after calling Parking & Transportation Services to inform us of the motorcycle license plate number and state of registration.

The permission does not allow for both a motorcycle and vehicle to be parked on campus at the same time.

Students may NOT park their motorcycle in a regular parking space.

Students who do NOT drive a four-wheeled vehicle to campus may purchase a motorcycle-only virtual permission.

Beginning Aug. 6, 2017 the cost will be $100. The motorcycle permission is valid through May 18, 2018.

Employee Motorcycles

Employees who have a virtual permission for their car/truck may park their motorcycle on campus by including their motorcycle’s license plate among the three license plates allowed on their Tiger Park account. However, only one license plate per account will be allowed on campus at a time.

Employees must park their motorcycle in their assigned parking lot or structure, either in a regular parking space or in designated motorcycle parking spaces if available.

Please observe the following rules when bringing a motorcycle to campus:
  • If an engine is rated over 49cc and requires a license plate, it is considered a motorcycle. Scooters/mopeds that do not require a license plate are considered bicycles and are regulated accordingly. 
  • Motorcycles may not park at bicycle racks on campus.
  • Motorcycles may not park in areas that impede pedestrian traffic (e.g. sidewalks, stairwells, grass, etc.) or are deemed as a traffic safety hazard (e.g. loading docks, etc.).
  • Motorcycles may not park in any blue disabled space or blue hash-marked area unless displaying a state-issued disability placard or license plate.
  • MU Parking & Transportation Services assumes no liability for damages to motorcycles or scooters caused by improper parking in designated motorcycle parking spaces/areas or by the failure to properly secure kickstands when parking on asphalt surfaces.