Student Parking Information

More information for those returning from winter break with a vehicle that needs to be registered will be posted soon.

Please consider the following registering:

Please do not think that you will save time by pre-registering as a visitor in the days before registration opens. This will only delay your ability to reigster, as someone from the Parking office must go in and remove the "visitor" file before you can register with your pawprint.

Use only one device, as attempting to log in on multiple devices will slow the system for everyone.

We have plenty of parking. Register for what is available. You can call or email in three weeks to move to another lot/garage if space becomes available.

Top floor (not covered) parking permissions are the same as surface lot rates.

Missouri license plate holders please note:
MO plates
DO NOT have the letters O or I, even in the case of personalized license plates.
They are numbers 0 and 1 respectively.

  If you will be living in a Residence Hall, you should purchase your parking permission during the priority dates for Residential Life students.
NOT attempt to purchase during the priority dates for your class standing.