Parking Structure Waiting List

The waiting lists for Tiger Ave. Parking Structure (TAPS) and Conley Ave. Garage (CAG) are intended for use by employees of the University of Missouri-Columbia ONLY who currently have a parking permission. Employees who do not have a current parking permission should go to the Employee Parking page for information on how to obtain a parking permission.


Employees can sign up for a waiting list by logging into their account in the Tiger Park Portal.

     Once logged in, move your cursor over the Permits tab on the top bar and click on Manage Waitlist from the drop down menu.

     Once that page loads, click on the button that says Add Waitlist. A small box will pop up. Use the drop down menu in the pop up to select one of the two options. Then click the button that says Add To Waitlist.

     You can verify that you are on the wait list by going back to your account summary page. At the bottom of the summary page are three tabs. Click on the Waitlist tab to check that you are on the waiting list.


(Employees must have a FTE status of 75% or greater and be receiving University benefits including vacation and sick leave pay in order to qualify for a waiting list.)