Employee Parking Information: 

With the implementation of Tiger Park in fall 2016, come big changes to parking at Mizzou: 

- We no longer issue physical permits. (The new virtual permits are based on license plates)

- We no longer issue physical parking citations. (Citations are now issued via email)

- All employees who park on campus must register their license plate(s) in the Tiger Park Portal. (Portal is not compatible with Chrome. Please use Explorer, Firefox or Safari.) 

-Employees who had a strip on last year's permit that allowed for access to additional parking need to complete and return to P&TS the Application for Additional Parking Lot Access form found here: http://parking.missouri.edu/parking/sites/parking/files/ppt/Application%20Additional%20parking%20permissions.doc


An instructional PowerPoint on navigating the Tiger Park Portal is available here:



New Employee Parking Information

New University of Missouri and MU Healthcare employees who are eligible for staff benefits as well as part-time employees and temporary employees who are not enrolled in classes are able to purchase a virtual parking permit by contacting the Parking & Transportation Services office through email or visiting the office in Turner Ave. Garage, level 2.

Current Employee Parking Information

University of Missouri employees who change departments need to contact the Parking & Transportation Services office to update their information and adjust their parking assignment accordingly. 


Non-University Employee Parking Information

Employees who are working on the MU campus (including MU Healthcare) but are not paid by the University can purchase a temporary virtual permit online through the Tiger Park Portal.


Employees who retire from the University and are interested in parking on campus may purchase a Retiree Parking Permit. For those who are no longer working for the University or who have an appointment with the University that is less than 50% FTE the permit is issued at a reduced rate and can be paid by cash, check or credit/debit card. For those individuals who have an appointment with the University of 50% or greater, the cost of the permit is the same as a parking structure permit and can be payroll deducted. Please contact the Parking & Transportation Services office for more information and to purchase the permit.

Student Employee Parking Information

Student employees in need of parking on University property should refer to Student Parking Information.